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CCA annually presents an award to someone who has demonstrated good adoption practices in CT and has contributed to the successful placement and services offered to children.   The award will be presented at the annual CCA luncheon being held in June.  Please contact Jane Coughlin with any questions at 860-586-2365.  Nomination Form

CT Council on Adoption

A Letter from the CT Council on Adoption (CCA) President

As President of the CT Council on Adoption, I would personally like to encourage you to become a member. The CT Council was formed in 1976 to monitor adoption practices in the state of Connecticut. As a volunteer group of professionals, adoptive/foster parents, Probate Judges, therapists, birthparents, and adoptees, we are able to hear about issues around the state, and we can act upon those issues without the major restraints of our various positions. We have a variety of committees that concentrate on specific issues. For instance, our Committee to Promote the Rights of Adopted Individuals has been working on legislation to open adoption records to adopted individuals of majority age. This committee has tried to educate the public and the legislators to the need for more openness. They have prepared legislation and worked closely with the legislative sponsors to get it passed. Another committee, the Program Committee, plans statewide training programs on adoption-related topics at least three to four times a year. These trainings are open to anyone at a very low cost. Our Practice Committee creates booklets of practice techniques for all aspects of the adoption process. Our Legislative Committee keeps us posted of any legislation pertaining to adoption issues.

We welcome new members at any time during our year, which follows the fiscal calendar of July 1st through June 30th. We are hopeful that anyone who is touched by adoption in some way would be interested in joining us.


Carolyn Goodridge